Meet the cats!


Our feline residents all come from the BC SPCA, and they are all available for adoption!


Visit the BC SPCA website to find out about our current cats: 

  • Click here to visit BC SPCA website.
  • Click on 'Cats'.
  • Click on 'More Options' in second drop-down menu at top right of page. (Note: these directions are for desktop and laptop computers; tablets and mobile devices may be set up differently.)
  • Type 'Catfe' in the 'Name' field and press [enter] to find out what cats are with us this week. 
  • Please note: sometimes a cat may already have an adoption pending, even if it has not yet been updated on the BC SPCA website. If you are interested in adopting a particular cat, please give us a call at 778-379-0060 for up-to-date information before coming down, to avoid disappointment.